Russian Landscape Contest

  • 2011_photo05

    While traveling in Russia, don’t forget to bring your camera

  • 2011_photo07

    Everyone can participate

  • 2011_photo01

    Grand Prix 300 000 rubles

  • 2011_exhibition

    Open-air exhibition in the heart of Moscow

  • 2011_book

    The photo album "Landscape Photographer of the Year"

  • 2011_3d

    3D экспозиция

  • 2011_classic

    "Classical Landscape" — The Beauty of Russian Nature!

  • 2011_creative

    "Creative Landscape" — Your creative vision

  • 2011_photo08

    "Man in Landscape" — People’s Interaction with Nature

  • 2011_arch

    "Architectural Landscape" — From History to Modern Times

  • 2011_pfg

    Alexandr Ermolitskiy — Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011

  • annaeroshenko_fin

    Separate Nomination for Young Photographers

  • vyunenko_fin

    Photo-safari along the Golden Ring for young winners

  • 2011_ypfg

    Anastasia Iskantseva — Young Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011

October 27, 2011

Results of the "Paparazzi" Contest

The competition result for the “Best Russian Landscape of 2011” is in. The winner is Victoria Timokhina, and her incredible snapshot, "Solar Rain". Victoria, we congratulate you and, of course, present you with our photo album!

October 24, 2011

People’s Choice Award

The votes for the People’s Choice Award have been finalized. This winner is Dmitry Kulagin and his work, “Breath of the Deep”. Winning landscape photographers will be awarded with a deluxe edition photo album of "Landscape Photographer of the Year" and a free admission to the next season of Russian Landscapes. More about winners...

October 06, 2011

Leave us your Feedback!

Did you participate in "Russian Landscape" in 2011? Or, did you not participate, but watch the competition? First time on our website, but have been to the exhibition and looked through our photo album? Voice your opinion about the competition here. Fill out a short Questionnaire and post your review. Your opinion is really important to us!

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