Photo Album "Russian Landscape 2011"

The "Landscape Photographer of 2011" Photo Album contains more than 140 works of award winners of the “Russian Landscape” photo contest. Photos are accompanied by the authors’ comments, telling the story of each photo. You will be surprised to see how mature can be works of young photographers, and at the same time, how sincere and simple can be photos of seasoned professionals!

...Looking through the pages of this magnificent edition, each one of you will find surprising landscapes captured by photographers. Russia - a massive, undiscovered country. How little we know about her! These days, pictures of exotic resorts and famous European architecture are more familiar to us than Russian landscapes. In this book, the photographs taken by the contestants display high professionalism and sincerity, a variety of styles, moods, and location choices. They also allow us to see Russia with a fresh and pure point of view. And by this, only to behold her uniqueness yet once again...

The major difference between the Russian Landscape competition and others is that the panel of judges consists solely of professional photographers. The judges are familiar with the style of landscape photography firsthand: each of the judges is famous and is an acknowledged master in this art. Daniel Bergmann, Darwin Wiggett, Ian Cameron, Dmitry Rudakov and Hans Strand are all members of the judging panel. They determined the winners in each of the four categories — "Classical Landscape", "Creative Landscape", "Man in Landscape", "Architectural Landscape" — and announced the winners of the Contest 2011: Alexander Ermolitskiy, the Best Landscape Photographer of The Year, and Anastasia Iskantseva, the Best Young Photographer of The Year.

The cost of the photo album is 2500 roubles. The cost of the deluxe edition of the Photo Album (in a box) is 4000 roubles.

Click here to purchase a photo album through the GeoPhoto online store, as well as in bookstores of Moscow.

The Photo Album Reviews:

Hans Strand:

This book is a manifest of Russian landscape and architecture photography. A powerful collection of work from great photographers from a great country. On top of everything, the printing is excellent.

Vadim Shtrik, CEO GeoPhoto, GetImages Group:

The book was published with an extraordinary sense of proportion and measure. There is nothing in the photo album that distracts the viewer from contemplating the landscape. Harmoniously assembled quality photographs create a captivating continuative narrative. If you are shooting landscapes, this book is a great gift to yourself. It gives you a chance to study a diverse and carefully chosen span of material, inspiring to further develop in the art of photography. If you give this photo album to someone who understands landscape photography, or simply has an appreciation of beauty, they will surely be grateful. We would like to thank the organizers who brought this project to this impressive tangible result – a book of this highest artistic and technical quality.

Mikhail Vershinin — Winner of the "Russian Landscape 2011" photo contest

When looking through the photos of the "Russian Landscape" contest, I realize, how spectacular our country is. These shots pierce you through and cheer you up. Each shot stirs an attitude of love for nature from the best photographers in Russia. Each work stands alone with unique and enchanting beauty. It is hard to imagine how much labor, skill, time, and patience it took to create these images. Hopefully, the project will become a tradition and will continue to delight us with new works showing the unique beauty of Russia.

Dmitry Kulagin — Finalist of the "Russian Landscape 2011" Photo Contest

This photo album is an exquisite gift to every fan and admirer of the Russian landscape and for anyone who is considering photography as a form of art. These shots of the most amazing and beautiful parts of our country are all unique. They inspire me to see and to love the surrounding beauty. They teach me to express my feelings the way the award-winning photographers featured in this magnificent book do.

Anatoly Kharitonov — Head of the "Lens" Creative Group, in St Petersburg

As teachers and educators for Continuing Education of Russia, we are very grateful to the organizers of this photo contest. Considering that one of the objectives of the Contest is to support young photographers, we believe that our children need this very much. We received the photo album “Russian Landscape 2011” and it was truly a milestone for our organization, and especially for children. This photo album is very interesting and instructive! It was the perfect complement to the academic course "Geography of Russia". Now you can visually see the most distant corners of our country. This photo album inspired children and teenagers to take part in the competition in 2012. At the same time, it has also answered their usual question — "what to do during next summer break?"

On behalf of the teachers, Anatoly Kharitonov, An Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation.