Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by "National Contest"?

"National Contests" are nation wide Russian contests that are of Russian and National importance.

What does it mean «photographs recognized as successful»?

It means special awards, prizes from the audience, special jury selections, etc. It also includes photographs that didn’t get into finals but were awarded with a special status or prize.

I live in Canada. May I participate in the contest?

The citizen of any country can participate in the contest but all of the photographs must be taken in the Russian Federation.

My photos create a certain series, may I group them together or do I need to place each photo as a separate one?

Each photo participates in the contest separately. Even if the same photo is submitted in more than one category (which is possible according to the Contest Rules), it will be reviewed and graded separately.

Are panoramic images and black and white photos allowed in all categories or only in "Creative Landscape" category?

Panoramic images and black and white photos are allowed in all categories. Learn more about photo selection...

The photos from my camera have 7MPx resolution. Can I participate in the contest?

You can participate in the contest even by submitting the photo taken with your mobile phone. It’s your own decision. We only provide your with recommendations. But don’t forget — if you become the finalist, we’ll ask you to send a high resolution file. We recommend the use of photo cameras with the resolution of not less than 9MPx. It is due to the fact that the file needs to be of print quality and needs to be of adequate quality in order to be included into the photo album of the contest. If you are not able to present the file with a high resolution after going through the finals of the contest, then your work will be excluded from the final round. If your file resolution is more than 9MPx, but it has a low quality (overly interpolated or has technical issues), then your work will unlikely make it to the album and/or to the contest.

Why does one need to pay for the participation in this contest?

This is a standard practice for all international contests. From one side, these fees cover part of administrative and management costs. From another side, which is much more important, these fees protect the contest from people who want to take advantage of the rules. If you decide to participate in the contest, you will become part of it not because this participation is free to try, but because you have something to say about the landscape in Russia. This is a small psychological barrier that every participant needs to overcome. This is not the way the organizers make money — children’s photo studios are participating for free. If any of the photographers has someone to vouch for him by one of the contest partners, their participation can also be free.

Please let us know your bank transfer details.

Our representative companies that accept payments are RBK money and WebMoney. You shouldn’t send payments to the "Russian Landscape" account. Please register, fill out the form, press "save and proceed to payment". If it’s easier for you to do the bank transfer, please choose RBK money. You will be transferred to their site and you will be prompted to confirm your e-mail address (for payment confirmation). Please choose the option "bank branch", print out your receipt and pay the fee in any bank. Money will be transferred within 3-5 working days. As soon as we receive the payment, you will get the confirmation letter from RBK money and from Russian Landscape. At that time you can proceed with photo uploads. This transfer will be also recorded in your Personal Profile on website. Learn more about payment options...

I paid the fee, when can I upload the photos?

Payment with your bankcard or WebMoney takes several minutes. If you use Sberbank it will take 3-5 working days. As soon as the funds are transferred, you will receive the confirmation letter from Russian Landscape. At that time you can proceed with photo uploads. This transfer will be also recorded in your Personal Profile on website.