The judgment at every stage will be performed anonymously, the judges will have no information on the entrants’ names and the titles of their works.

As a result of the preliminary judging, about 300 best photos will be shortlisted. All participants in the shortlist will be notified by e-mail that they are given 15 days to submit high-resolution files via Personal Profile on russianscape.ru. If for some reason a participant fails to submit a high resolution file of the required size within the indicated time period, he/she will be struck off the shortlist. The organizers are not responsible for emails that do not reach the addressee due to the entrant’s email security settings or restrictions placed by their Internet service provider.

The world-famous landscape photographers from our panel of judges will announce the overall winners (Landscape Photographer of the Year and Young Landscape Photographer of the Year) and the winners in each category. Highly commended images will be selected to be displayed at the exhibition and published in the Photo Album.

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A special committee that has been established by National Geographic Russia and National Geographic Traveler will choose a photographer to gain their special prize — a publication in National Geographic Traveler. They will also choose the images to be displayed at the exhibition in 3D. National Geographic undertakes to contact the authors in order to get their consent to 3D filing. In case of refusal other images will be selected.

The best children’s photo school will be awarded a publication of its students’ works in Russian Photo magazine and 25 000 roubles. The best school will be determined by the Jury Chairman Dmitry Rudakov.

The winners as well as photographers chosen for the Photo Album and the exhibition will be notified by e-mail. The list of winners and the best images will be published on russianscape.ru in September 2011.

The opening of the exhibition and the presentation of the "Landscape Photographer of the Year" Photo Album will take place in Moscow in September 2011.