October 27, 2011

Results of the "Paparazzi" Contest

©Victoria Timokhina

The competition result for the “Best Russian Landscape of 2011” is in. The winner is Victoria Timokhina, and her incredible snapshot, "Solar Rain". Victoria, we congratulate you and, of course, present you with our photo album!

October 24, 2011

People’s Choice Award

©Dmitry Kulagin

The votes for the People’s Choice Award have been finalized. This winner is Dmitry Kulagin and his work, “Breath of the Deep”. The prize for the winner from Kaliningrad is a deluxe edition of the photo album of "Landscape Photographer of the Year" and a free admission to the next season of Russian Landscapes. More about winners

October 06, 2011

Leave us your Feedback!

Did you participate in "Russian Landscape" in 2011? Or, did you not participate, but watch the competition? First time on our website, but have been to the exhibition and looked through our photo album? Voice your opinion about the competition here. Fill out a short Questionnaire and post your review. Your opinion is really important to us!

October 06, 2011

Video from the Exhibition

Video from September’s meeting was added to the Exhibition page! We would like to thank Olga Bolshakova and Artem Mineev for the video coverage of the show.

September 22, 2011

Here We Are!

Who are these smiling people? They are the photographers and organizers of the photo exhibition "Russian Landscape" taking part in a meeting that was held on September 2nd at Manezhnaya Square. We sincerely thank our friends at AirPano who gave us this Spherical Panorama.

September 9, 2011

The Photo Album "Russian Landscape 2011" Now For Sale

This is a beautifully published photo album, which includes more than 140 landscapes of Russian nature. The book is available at the exhibition in Moscow, as well as in online store of the GeoPhoto Agency (delivering only to addresses in Russian). More....

September 5, 2011

Photo Report — A Meeting with Mikhail Vershinin

The meeting turned out to be extremely exciting! Mikhail is a top-notch photographer and a master climber and a seasoned mountaineer. So he not only shared his professional photo tricks but also told us exciting stories of climbing, nature, and the grandeur of the mountains. Read more and see the photo report…

September 1, 2011

The "Paparazzi" Competition!

Are you going to the show? Don’t forget to bring a camera! Participate in the contest for the best reportage shot from “Russian Landscape” the exhibition! The contest winner will receive the photo album "Russian Landscape — Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011". The competition is sponsored by Fishup. Sign up at and upload your photos to enter them into the "Paparazzi" contest! Photos for the contest will be accepted through October 15th.

September 1, 2011

A Meeting with Mikhail Vershinin

The Russian Geographical Society is holding a creative meeting in the Lecture Hall with Mikhail Vershinin on September 2nd at 7pm. Admission is free. The evening program will feature the best pictures of the Siberian landscape, and author’s talk about shooting mountainous landscape in winter conditions. Mikhail is also presenting his photo albums "Krasnoyarsk Pillars", "Ergaki Nature Park: The Pearl of Siberia". For details, go to

September 1, 2011

Congratulations to the Winners!

©Aleksandr Ermolitskiy

Dear friends! We are pleased and proud to announce our winners. The "Landscape Photographer of the Year" goes to Alexander Ermolitski for his sophisticated and heartfelt work, "Silence of the Stones". The "Young Landscape Photographer of the Year" award goes to Anastasia Iskantseva ("Litsey" Photo School) for her sparkling winter snapshot "Lace". Congratulations! Winners Gallery

August 24, 2011

Meeting with the Photographers

On September 2nd at 4pm, we will be hosting a Meeting with the Photographers at the annual photo exhibition “Russian Landscape”. Please come to this friendly meeting which is open to all! You will be able to converse with the photographers (Dmitry Rudakov and Alexey Suloev), ask questions, and look through our Photo Album. You can also, of course, admire the work of our contest winners!

August 24, 2011

Photo Exhibition — "Russian Landscape"

Very soon, more than 50 award winning works from our honored prize winners will be shown to a vast audience. The exhibition will open on September 1st and continue until October 15th. Location: Manezhnaya Square, Moscow — Out in the open, day and night (illuminated by the night-lights) — Absolutely free — Located between the Moscow hotel and the Okhotny Ryad Shopping Center.

July 16, 2011

Submission of high-resolution files is now finished

Final Judging begins.

July 1, 2011

Semi-Final Completed

The difficult job of the semifinalist judges has come to an end. We would like to heartily congratulate the finalists! If you entered the contest, but did not receive our newsletter via email, please go to your "Personal Profile" to see which of your images are enlisted in the finals.

Dear finalists! Please send us your high-resolution files within next 2 weeks. Go to your "Personal Profile" and select "Edit" to add an image title, if you haven’t done it earlier (if you do not wish to give the name of your work, then choose "Untitled"). Double-check the date and place of the photo shoot, and add your description (something interesting about this photo: any difficulties you have had to overcome, a story, etc.) - if your photo wins the contest, this description will be published in the Photo Album. Then please upload a high-resolution JPG image. Deadline for image submission is midnight, July 15th. If for any reason you are late with the upload, your work will be disqualified from the final contest. Unfortunately, we are under narrow time constraints, and we cannot extend the deadline.

Good luck in the finals!

June 10, 2011

High-Resolution Files Submission is Open

Here is some news for those who are going on a long vacation. If your images are selected for Finals while you are taking a break from the internet and cannot upload your high-resolution files in time, you can do it in advance. Read more…

June 4, 2011

Photo submission is now closed!

The judges are beginning their work on the semifinals.

June 1, 2011

Submission of photographs is almost finished.

If you have registered and paid the entrance fee, but didn’t have time to upload your photos, you can do it from your “Personal Profile” until June 3rd, 11:59pm Moscow time.

May 5, 2011

We accept payments via Yandex.Money!

Yandex.Money is an affordable and secure way to pay for goods and services over the internet. When paying the entry free, you will be redirected to the Yandex.Money website where you can complete the payment. If you do not have an account with Yandex.Money, you need to register at the payment systemwebsite.

May 3, 2011

"The Russian Photo" — An Interview with Daniel Bergmann

©Daniel Bergmann

"Following the intuition and emotions — the basis of a good landscape…" Read the interview with Daniel Bergmann, an amazing photographer from Iceland who is also an associate judge in the "Russian Landscape" Photo contest, in the May issue of "Russian Photo" magazine.

More on

April 28, 2011

"The World Through the Eyes of Russians" — a new exhibition

©Dmitry Rudakov

The new exhibition project "World through the eyes of Russians" is now open on Tverskaya Boulevard. This year you can see the works of the photographers from the "Russian Landscape" contest, Dmitry Rudakov and Alexey Suloev, as well as the photographs of Oleg Gaponyuk, Vadim Gippenreiter, Sergey Gorshkov, Alexandr Gutkin, Andrey Ershov, Yury Kravtsov, Mikhail Reifman, Sergey Semenov, Leonid Khalfen. As is our tradition, the work of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will also be presented.

Under the open sky, around-the-clock, and absolutely free. Tverskoy Boulevard, until June 30th.

April 11, 2011

"Russian Photo" features the interview with the contest founders.

©Alexey Suloev

"Russia is not only Red Square, tanks and bears..." In April issue of "Russian Photo" you can find the conversation with Dmitry Rudakov and Aleksey Suloyev about the role of light in landscape photography, photo shoots in Russia and abroad, new projects and of course the story about Russian Landscape photo contest.

More on

March 31, 2011

New section of the website

Dmitry Rudakov

Dear friends, our website has a new section, called "Judges"!

"We want to create the national contest in landscape photography. This yearly contest will be prestigious and authoritative. The winner will get all the deserved attention to his art works. The contest will provide this photographer new opportunities for publications, participation in the exhibits and hopefully contributes to the sales of his works. We have a lot of photographers in Russia who take great photos of Russian nature but most of them are practically unknown. I’m confident that this contest will discover a lot of new names."

March, 24 2011

We accept WebMoney!

These are the following types of payment we accept: WebMoney Keeper Light, WebMoney-card, Keeper Mobile, E-Num, Check Paymer, payment terminals, Keeper Classic, Keeper Mini, WM-note, Russian post, Keeper for social nets, WebMoney checks, wire transfer, internet bank Alfa-Click.

March, 15 2011

Interfax is the General information partner of the competition

It’s great news that Interfax Information Services Group has agreed to support our competition as the General information partner. At present Interfax Group unites more than thirty companies and includes a network of national, regional and sectoral information agencies, operating throughout Russia, the CIS, China and some other countries of Central and East Europe. Interfax – is an impartial, reliable and independent source of information.

March, 1 2011

New payment solutions available!

We accept now payments via Visa and Master Card bank cards. Yandex money and WebMoney will follow.

February, 26 2011

The submission of entries is started

©Alexsandr Nalivaev

Please read Terms and conditions and How to register and select your best images taken in Russia in order to get ready to submit the pictures for the competition. Next step would be to register, pay the entrance fee and upload your photos. We’re looking forward to your images and good luck with your submissions!

Please read carefully! We accept the following payments: RBK money, terminals placed in your town streets, bank transfers, Russian Post, Euroset shops, Contact and Unistream electronic payment systems, and Internet banking. Payments via bank cards will be available in a few days.

February, 25 2011

Welcome, Mr. Darwin Wiggett!

Darwin Wiggett

The world’s most well known Canadian landscape photographer has agreed to participate in our panel of judges! Darwin has been into photography for more than 25 years, he is also a brilliant teacher, fiction writer and contributor of photography. His photo works have been published in over a hundred publications, in different magazines and printed editions. He published several books, his album “Dances with Light: The Canadian Rockies” is on the top list of world bestsellers in this genre. Here is photographer’s website:

February, 22 2011

Hans Strand has joined us!

Hans Strand

One more judge in our panel is an excellent photo expert from Sweden. Hans Strand is a seven-time winner of different international photography awards including famous Hasselblad Master Award. Go to Hans’s website where you can see his amazing work:

February, 20 2011

Ian Cameron is our competition judge!

Ian Cameron

An outstanding landscape and travel photographer from Scotland, an excellent guide with a huge experience in photo tourism. You can admire his images here:

February, 18 2011

Daniel Bergmann is in our panel of judges!

Daniel Bergmann

Daniel Bergmann is a leading nature photographer of Iceland, he is also the author of numerous international publications, an ardent environment protection activist and the author of two books on Icelandic nature - Icelandic Wilderness and Skaftafell National Park. You can see Daniel’s works on his website:

February, 16 2011

The website has been launched

The website of Russian Landscape competition has been launched. Entry submission will begin on March, 1 and last till May, 31. In the meantime you can read our latest news on the competition and its rules. Soon you’ll be able to join our Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte pages. Keep up with the news!