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Interfax Information Services Group

General information partner of the competition

Since the beginning of the 1990s Interfax has been the primary source of live information about Russia and the CIS countries in international community. Interfax is among the most popular sources of information in the world and there is a largest number of references to Interfax in the international press reports. In Russia and the CIS Interfax is known as the most profound source of political news and professional information for financial and commodity market players. Interfax has recently come to the forefront of political and financial news of East Europe and China.

Russian Photo

Russian Photo magazine

Official magazine of the competition

Since its first issue seven years ago Russian Photo has become the most popular and well-recognized brand among Russian experts and amateur photographers. With the growth of the readers’ awareness photographers started grading their own photos in a more impartial way, finding new ways of their skills development and self-expression. The magazine is issued monthly with the circulation of 65 thousand copies. The content of each issue is thoroughly selected and the magazine materials don’t go out of date year in year out.


GeoPhoto National Photobank

Special partner of the competition

GeoPhoto National Photobank is the most extensive national photo bank on the subject of Nature, geography, landscapes and people of Russia, countries and continents, travel, art-photography. The agency is focused on Russian market. At present, GeoPhoto is the only Russian photo provider that offers on-line delivery of more than 250000 high quality images from more than 5000 regions of Russia and abroad. Furthermore GeoPhoto organizes and coordinates numerous photo projects, conducts expeditions, scientific researches, publishes popular science articles and edits art photography books.

National Geographic Russia

National Geographic Russia

National Geographic Russia is the world-famous magazine about the world around us. NG Russia publishes unprecedented photos and exclusive materials about sensational archeological finds, exciting expeditions, new technologies, cultures and traditions of different countries, and wildlife.

National Geographic Traveler

National Geographic Traveler

National Geographic Traveler is the world best-selling magazine about travel. You can find up-to-date guides around the world, advice on how to arrange a journey with the assistance of tour operators or on your own, cultural events in different countries, hotels and restaurants recommendations, and a special Adventure column about active lifestyle.

Русское географическое общество

Русское географическое общество

Русское географическое общество было основано по высочайшему повелению императора Николая I в 1845 году. Наряду с издательской, просветительской деятельностью и учреждением наград за научные достижения главной задачей Русского географического общества всегда была организация практических полевых исследований, экспедиций в разные части России и мира. Экспедиции Русского географического общества сыграли большую роль в освоении Сибири и Дальнего Востока, Средней и Центральной Азии, Мирового океана. В наше время Русское географическое общество продолжает следовать славным традициям, заложенным его основателями. Сегодня с ним сотрудничают специалисты из различных областей науки — географы, экологи, геологи, этнографы, статистики, а также писатели, фотографы, представители СМИ и путешественники.

Photo Artists Union

Russian Photo Artists Union

The Union’s main objectives are to assist with the development of the national photo art, to make it known within the country and abroad, to preserve our photo heritage and to apply it in different creative ways. The Union protects the photographers’ interests and copyright in public and social institutions and private enterprises both in Russia and abroad. The Union promotes photo art and organizes exhibitions, competitions, festivals, creative workshops, conferences and symposiums and provides amateur photographers, including children, with all the necessary assistance.



Photosight is an interactive club where photography devotees from all over the world can communicate with each other easily, visually and in full. The members can show their images to each other and thousands of viewers can receive and write comments, chat, communicate through online conferences, participate in ratings and contests, make creative contacts, create their own portfolios. As a result, Photosight provides unlimited opportunities for both leisure and creative development.


PhotoTravel Magazine

Photo Travel Magazine is devoted to photo travel, the pictures give true depiction and recommendations for the brand-new photo gadgets and accessories, expert advice on travel photography (from cruise to extreme travel), competent information on outdoor equipment, advice from experienced tourists and extreme travelers.

Russian Zoom

Russian Zoom Magazine

ZOOM is an unusual photo magazine. It’s not about photo gadgets, photographers or photography. ZOOM is a photo magazine, a collection book that contains works of the best photographers ever and information on key events of the world’s photography. ZOOM doesn’t get out-of-date, as real works of art never do. An international issue of the magazine has been published in Europe in two languages for more than 30 years in a row – Italian and English, there are also two local versions of the magazine in Italian and French. ZOOM is also edited in the USA, Canada and Japan. ZOOM came to Russia in year 2005.



Maxilab is an innovative company that applies unique high-performance equipment produced by the world’s leading manufacturers and provides professional photography services, photo exhibits printing, and produces large format advertising materials. The company specializes in high quality printing for both indoors and outdoors. Maxilab has participated in numerous exhibition projects and provides a full range of services from preparation, printing and design to selecting the exposition equipment for exhibitions in halls, public places and outdoors.


Компания "ЭлитСветПроект"

Основным направлением деятельности компании является наружное освещение загородного дома и прилегающего к нему ландшафта. «ЭлитСветПроект» — это полный цикл работ в области освещения: приходя к нам с идеями по подсветке Вашего дома или сада, в итоге Вы получаете готовый продукт — современную, безопасную, индивидуальную и, самое главное, радующую глаз световую картину Вашего дома или ландшафта. На выставке фотоконкурса «Русский пейзаж» компания «ЭлитСветПроект» представит систему подсветки, которая позволит посетителям ознакомиться с экспозицией даже ночью.

Information Sponsors


Foto &Video Magazine

The general audience of the magazine includes advanced photo amateurs, professional photographers, as well as those who are just taking their first steps in the fascinating world of photography. You can find here the latest innovations of photo equipment produced in Russia and abroad, the results of new gadgets testing and reports about exhibitions and presentations. You can also see the best works of the world-famous photographers. Useful and original advice from the experts will help not only amateurs but also experienced photographers.